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Battle The Undead Pt 2 | Hunter and Alana by UltimateTattts
Battle The Undead Pt 2 | Hunter and Alana
Done for :iconskratchjams:

Before the outbreak, Hunter was a college student and a barista in a coffee shop. Like many survivors, he was unprepared for the harsh realities the zombie apocalypse brought, and believed he lacked the skills or experiences necessary to survive, but majoring in psychology made him think he could persuade someone to be the brawn to his brain.

After resources started to become scarce around the coffee shop Hunter ventured out and this is when he comes across a coastal guard living by the beach named Carter. They hit it off straight away, one being literally the brawn and the other the brain and everything went smooth, it was the perfect symbiotic relation on many levels, this is, until the day they found a baby in a crashed plane.  

While Carter wanted to snatch the baby straight away, Hunter convinced him the baby might not be abandoned and they should give it some time before deciding on the baby. This set the tone from that moment on.

They would disagree on so many aspects regarding raising this little girl. Hunter would focus on teaching abstract subjects such as power of argument, fair judgement and abstract thinking, while Carter was responsible for survival, hunting, combat and weaponry skills. Svala grew more into action and started developing some psychotic behavior at a young age, mutilating animals and even becoming extremely reckless around zombies. Much to Hunter's apprehension it all was made worse to see Carter take some pride and joy out of this behavior, not only making it all worse but encouraging Svala to become even worse. Hunter tried to change this but inside he knew there was little to nothing he could do, and the last straw was drawn one day when the three of them reached a community in San Diego in an attempt to sail to Hawaii, rumoured to be a safe free zombie land,  a rumour they heard amongst the survivors they met across the country.

Once in the community lead by Hawaiian born Alana they learned the rumour was just that, a rumour and the archipelago was long run by zombies besides having no means allowing them to sail such distance.

In burst of rage and shattered hope, Svala draws her swords and tries to kill Alana making Alana's men to draw their weapons and start shooting them three. They manage to escape but just to hold it until nightfall to get their revenge and take possession of the community. Much to Hunters shock, they'd prefer to savage the comunity instead of trying to become part of it and stop with all the travelling.

Without saying a word to Hunter, Carter and Svala attack in the middle of night, destroying and killing everything in their path, including both Alana's daughters, husband and most of the people in the community. Both flee, leaving Hunter behind leaving him to his faith. Somehow he manages to convince Alana to let him join what is left of the community and in return, becoming Alana's right hand man on her sole mission.
To revenge her family.
SkratchJams Battle The Undead | Carter and Svala by UltimateTattts
SkratchJams Battle The Undead | Carter and Svala
Done for :iconskratchjams:

Carter and Svala are two lone bandits. They don't take hostages nor take pity on anyone. Svala actually enjoys slaying through the living more than the dead and they prefer the world like this. Svala was already born after the apocalypse hit so she knows nothing about the world before other than what Carter tells her. 

Carter was a coastal guard in Nova Scotia, Canada and he stayed in the area for a while hoping someone from sea showed up, until one day he found a baby in a wreckage of a crashed plane.
He left the baby there as the wreckage looked like it was being used as a shelter for someone else, maybe a group of no more than 5 people. Later on that day he went back to find the baby still there and no one in the vicinity was to be found. Next day he went back and took the lonely baby wrapped in gauze and inside it could be read Svala Ólafurdóttir. None is known about family or anything for that matter for both of them.


Guilherme Gonçalves
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